Of Kings and Men

The Age of Heroes has come and gone, leaving it’s mark and fueling tales of heroism, great deeds, slain monsters, and mighty armies. Never before has the world been so enlightened or so wealthy. Many people believe this beautiful lie and you, no doubt, would also be as blind as they had you not seen what the world is.

There’s always a dark side. Something dark slumbers deep beneath the surface of society. Violence, thievery, murder and bribery are a daily occurrence. The Clans rule with a steel fist, keeping close watch on the strands of people’s lives and making sure that dissent is stamped out. For all their talk of chivalry, duty and honour, even a knightly sword can be turned away with a big enough pouch of gold and men are eager to sell themselves for jewels and gold.

The old races are gone. The World has changed greatly, despite what the scholars say. Where once were heroes, now are criminals or people who are more interested in gold, women and song than the good of the realm and Lords who piss away thousands of lives for small insults and petty matters, and who are looking only to line the pockets of their Clan with more gold at every opportunity.

So, here you are. Locked away. A tiny cell with no light in a dungeon. You have lost count of the days and the nights you’ve spent in here, the rats gnawing at you in your sleep on a bed of dried hay and the sickly wheezing of fellow prisoners keeping you awake and driving you closer and closer to madness.

This has been your home for a very long time, you know, but now it’s time to leave and face the world again.

Of Kings and Men

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