Ascension of the Raven-Kin

“In 868SC, the first of the Raven-kin appeared. It is now known from whence they came, but they were many and great-warriors all. Upon their shields, fierce ravens were painted and raven feathers and symbols decorated their amulets and helms. From these symbols came their name. Many who allied with them have said that they were Norsemen who worshiped ravens and were shown their way to the Clan Lands by the Holy Ravens of the Gods themselves to unite the people against the Clans.

What is known for certain is that though they in many ways resembled the raiders, they did not worship the Winter Gods nor were they evil and malevolent of temper and character. They were often found to be stern, but fair, and generally benevolent – more so than most clans, even.

The Raven-kin began to unite the various Freeholds and Cities of the West and various lesser Nobles in an effort to fight against the Clans. Many alliances were formed, and the Clans began to see them as a grave threat. Before the Raven-kin could unite a majority of the continent, however, the Clans retaliated, thus beginning The War of Sons.

Many battles were fought by the Raven-kin against the Clans and most of them were successful, as the armies of the clans were taken aback at the ingenuity and abilities of the Freeholders trained by the Raven-kin.

Several other alliances began to be formed to oppose both the Raven-kin and the Clans. Many suspect that amongst them were Houses that wished to become full-fledged Clans. Amongst these was Clan Morris, which quickly rose to prominence due to their strong knights and warriors. Clans Wochs, in particular, was irritated by the upstarts due to the many defeats Clan Morris inflicted on Wochsian armies.

However, it was the combined effort of Clan Morris and all other clans that eventually brought about The Fall of the Raven-kin.

Ascension of the Raven-Kin

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