“Piety has it’s rewards…”

Heroes who devote themselves to a deity and truly follow the teachings of their chosen deity may find themselves blessed by special abilities given to them by the Gods themselves. These are known as boons and they give followers of deities additional, often powerful, abilities they can use.

Boons are almost entirely unique and can change depending on the class, race or abilities of the hero they are given to. For example, some who worship a particular deity may find themselves able to talk to animals, others may find themselves able to summon animals to their aid and still others may find themselves able to harness the raw power of beasts themselves.

Boons have four tiers – ranging from the weakest to the strongest. Requirements are different and sometimes may be hidden, though most commonly it simply requires that you follow your God’s teachings and do not simply do so to get said abilities. (If you are unsure about teachings, please ask DM.) Sometimes, if Gods feel like you need to prove your worth, they may assign you to perform a Heroquest – an event that requires a hero to enter the realms of deities and perform a reenactment of an ancient myth connected to a particular deity or hero of myth and legend. Other times, they may ask for a different sacrifice.

Those who embody the teachings of a God perfectly may find themselves uplifted to the position of Herald – the living embodiment of the word and deed of a God.


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