Logbook Entries

“Thy Quests that Thou hast collected on Thy journeys so far:”

Major Quests:

A Time to Return
Freedom for All Part I
The Alchemist
The Lich Cabal
The Bloodied One
The Third

Minor Quests:
You have been given a ring with a Dwarven spirit inside it which calls itself Dunar, the Paladin of Dwarvenkind. He has so far been an aid to your journey.

RUMOR: Obash Blackmountain, a newly-elected Warchief of the Orcs has besieged the city of Talkor, far to the North. Soldiers are already being called to deal with this Orcish threat.

RUMOR: The Sandmen have attacked outposts and villages outside the city of Freeport, in the Sand Lands. Rumors say that a new campaign against them is being organised.

RUMOR: You have heard that there are beastmen incursions in the Western freeholds.

RUMOR: Rumors tell of the Men of Agartha surfacing near the Dwarven Hold of Borbar to scavange for surface supplies. The Dwarves are said to be readying an expedition to find the entrance to Agartha.

RUMOR: Rumors say that local and surface criminal syndicates within the Duergar city of Drakhendum are fighting one another in a bloody war for supremacy and territory.

A touch of Darkness
Legacy of the Lost
Scratching the Surface
The Keep
The Orcbreaker I
The Orcbreaker Part II
The Borderlands
The Warrior’s Maze
The Necromancer
Saving Mythril
Scratching the Surface Part II

RUMOR: The Guards of Drakhendum have been having problems with Orcs lately and seek adventurer’s who would help in defeating the Orcish menace.
RUMOR: Gr’Akh’Ra of Tribe Tailripper has been recently thrown into a Gnoll Pit for her failures to either prove she can survive or die fighting against her own kind.
RUMOR: Rumors say that the mercenary and adventurer guilds of Drakhendum have recently contained more work than usually.
RUMOR: You have heard that the Gnolls of the Mountains have become highly organised, very clever and are searching for the man they call “The Pelt-taker”. You have also heard that these Gnolls have been raiding heavily in recent times._
RUMOR: The Castle of Karsdjev supposedly houses a swordmaster.
RUMOR: Rumors tell of unusually large wyverns being spotted in the mountains.

One of a kind
The Noble

OFFER: Sir Edgar has asked you to look into finding a lost patrol in the forest.
OFFER: Sir Edgar has asked you to look into an infested graveyard.
OFFER: Sir Edgar has offered you a reward for every bandit group you catch, particularly a few of the big leaders.
RUMOR: The doctor within the Castle of Karsdjev has offered to pay you for any and all undead you can bring to him – in pieces or otherwise. He has suggested you ask him for further information, if interested.
RUMOR: Rumors speak of strange happenings within the Gravedigger’s guild in the Duergar city of Drakhendum.

Logbook Entries

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