The Battle of Myra's Ford

“The Battle of Myra’s Ford was the last great battle to be fought in The War of Sorcerers, and occurred on or about the 9th of May, 1025SC. It was fought between a combined force of Morrissians and Tilmorians, led by Sir Bertold of House Edgemoore and the former Clan Lord, Lord Henry Tilmore, often called Henry the Black, and the army of Baelor Blackmane, the greatest of the rebel wizards, and his allies – Sir Thomas of House Fairfax and Sir Walter of House Rotwald.”

“It began as an incidental confrontation between scouting parties, as each tried to get across a small river at an area known as Myra’s Ford on a very misty morning, making clear sight almost impossible. In the confusion that followed, some scouts fell back and the armies were beckoned to the small river crossing to aid in defeating what was then assumed to be a small force of the enemy.”

“However, as the mists of the morning began to fall away, it was clear that the armies were going to do battle on this ground. Though outnumbered, due to lack of reinforcements, the Clan armies drew up along a forest edge, while the armies of the wizard formed around a lightly forested hill.”

“Both armies delayed the battle. The Clan armies had hoped for five cavalry flags that had been sent on a raiding mission to return and rejoin just before the battle, however, only two managed to return, with the other three getting lost in the scrub and forests and only rejoining the army after the battle’s end. The wizard’s army, however, hoped that he would wake and have enough time to prepare his spells – a valid concern, for the wizard had spent almost half the night writing.”

“At about Noon, the wizards began to fire spells at the Clansman forces and the battle begun. The majority of the confrontation happened in the river itself, as both forces met at the western edge of Myra’s Ford, where Baelor’s army had set up. The better equipment and spirit of the Clansmen proved to be difficult to handle.”_

“Baelor and his allied wizards were doubtful about firing devastating spells into their own forces and their other powers were marginalized by the Anti-Magicians present on the battle. As the battle raged on, it is said that Sir Thomas and Sir Walter were both cut down, splintering the forces and sending many fleeing into the forests.”

“Baelor himself was assassinated as he tried to conjure the greatest spell he knew – a ritual that would bring down meteors upon the earth. It is not known who slew him, but he was found decapitated after the battle, with 7 stab wounds that oozed poison.”

“With the enemy forces broken, the Clansmen celebrated the costly victory and many of the peasants and smallfolk who had joined the Wizard’s were pardoned for their crimes. Even some wizards were left alive due to their valiant conduct and bravery. Baelor’s head was later preserved and can now be seen in the Dragonflight Museum in Penrok, amongst many other relics.”

“Thus ended the War of Sorcerers and one of the largest battles of the war, totaling 12,000 dead and injured on the Clansman’s side and nearly 24,000 dead, injured or captured on Baelor’s side.”

The Battle of Myra's Ford

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