The Battle of Redgrave Fields

" In 932SC, tensions between the Clans were at an all-time high. With plenty of defeats and pressure from all sides, generals and marshals were asked to perform enormous deeds with little to back them.

The Battle of Redgrave Fields was initially a confrontation between an army of Clan Wochs and an army of Clan Tilmore. Both sides bore Elven allies, hoping that their knowledge of the land would help them in the coming battle.

The lines were drawn on the fields near Redgrave. The heavy rains had made the fields turn into a muddy mire, terrible for walking. However, battle could not be delayed any longer. As the lines of humans began to march towards each other under heavy hails of arrows, it is presumed that the Elves had coordinated with each other to initiate their betrayal.

As the lines began to fight in the middle of the muddy fields, the elves fired hail after hail of arrows into the melee. When the captains in charge ordered them to stop, they were shot dead.

The melee turned into a chaotic slaughter as Elven arrows began to rain from the sky, slaying hundreds in the volleys that followed. As the humans began to frantically claw their way out of the murky mire to reach the Elven lines, they fell in droves. Finally, not a single human was alive on the field.

Known as the greatest Elven betrayal, the grudge held by Men after this battle would dictate the terms of their relationship with Elves for many decades afterward. After this, the Elves were no longer trusted nor accepted in the lands of Men.

The Battle of Redgrave Fields

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