The Clan War

" The Clan War was a brief war between the Clans just after the start of this age. Violent clashes along the borders led up to great battles amongst the humans. Nearly a hundred and seventy thousand people perished in the entire war.

It began when Lord Morris, feeling insulted by an insinuation made by Lord Wochs about Lord Morris’ mother being related to some form of barnyard animal, carried out a series of lightning raids and skirmishes along the border with the Wochs domain.

This was followed by the Wochs declaring war and trying to launch an invasion. Unfortunately, their haste allowed Clan Morris to expand into the South. Lord Tilmore and Lord Varus responded immediately declaring war upon Clan Morris and Wochs for disrupting order and not having sufficient reasons for fighting wars. Clan Talis, seeing an opportunity to expand, attacked Clan Varus.

This raid and counter-raid warfare continued for several years, but, ultimately, the borders shifted slightly, mostly towards the expansion of Morrisian and Talian borders, and the war was brought to a close shortly after."

The Clan War

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