The Dark Ages

“The Dark Ages were a time of great turmoil in the world. The First Men, having just been uplifted by the Gods and given the gift of thought, began to establish themselves across the known World.

In the middle of this era, amongst Men warring between each other, the first city was established in the foothill of a mountain known only as the Dragonpeak. The City was called Penrok, a word in the Ancient Tongue for Strength, and it is described in the Tablets of Aelynum the Wise as being a great city surrounded by a wall of clay as high as the highest pine trees. The city itself was built of the same clay materials and, eventually, it’s dwellers began to excavate the mountain, expanding their homes deep into the stone body of the mountain, creating great halls of carved and inscribed stone that were lit by great lanterns fuelled by magical energies.

It is at this time that it began to be rebuilt in stone. However, this was not to last. Not long after it was founded, the First Men discovered many other creatures uplifted by the Gods and changed by the Winds of Magic. The first were the Ogres and Orcs – great brutes who carved out vast territories just at the borders of the clan lands and led raids against human townships. Then the Dwarves and Elves, subservient races to the war-like Gnolls and Orcs, made contact, begging for help. Many other major races were discovered – from the Sea Dwellers who came ashore to conquer human lands, or the horrendous and misshapen giants and beastmen from the North, to the Thinking Dead of the wasteland that was once a magical land known as Tal’Gora and the Centaurs of the fabled tribe of Morak-Asha and the White Ancients of Agartha.

War after War was fought against the many opressor races, until the First Men stood surrounded from all sides by their opponents. They stood shoulder to shoulder with races they had freed from oppression – Dwarves, Elves, Firebloods, Halogres and many others, but had it not been for the intervention of the Creator God Malahnus, they’d have fallen beneath the blades of their enemies. The coming of Malahnus thus began The Early Age."

The Dark Ages

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