The Early Age

“The Early Age began when the God Malahnus visited and gifted the great secrets to Mankind. Having destroyed their enemies, the First Men began to rebuild and expand.

However, not everything went well. The Gnolls, still the true masters of the Eastern Lands and rulers of the Heiros Mountains, fought hard against human expansion with their allies – the trolls and Orcish mercenaries – in tow. The disorganized rabble that faced them were cut down and few people established themselves permanently in the Eastern Lands.

In the North, the Orcs still struggled against the Penrokians and their allies, as the balance of power shifted throughout the Lands of Illness and castles were raised, then destroyed and built again. In time, however, the First Men left the Orcs alone and with the great width of the Lands of Illness between them, the Orcs also decided to turn to raiding one another and their Gnollish neighbours.

Uneasy decades of relative peace followed, until The War of Seperation began, leading humans to fight amongst themselves. During this war Penrok was the only human city that remained neutral, as hundreds of settlements, fiefdoms and townships fought for dominance throughout the lands.

Eventually, the first of the Great Houses rose to prominence – Clan Tilmore. Stoic, proud and mighty were the Tilmorian men, who earned their greatest achievements in sea battles and they became famous for their skills at axe-throwing. They united the whole of the South under their blue-and-white banner adorned with a silver dragon. They created the first of the many houses that now dwell in Tilmorian lands and the land was once again at peace, afraid to defy the might of Lord Magnus Tilmore, commonly known as Magnus The Just, the leader of the Clan at the time.

With them, the clansmen brought law, peace and order. They united the old ways with new ideas and turned them into the Common and Clan laws, most of which are still used today. For nearly a century did the peace last, until The Fiendish Wars led to the creation of Clan Wochs and Clan Varus.

Now that human lands were mostly divided between Clans, wars became common as the clans vied for dominance. After the many wars that led to the rise of Clan Talis, the Lords of Penrok despaired and wished to use their gift for magic to unite the lands under their enlightened rule. So began the The War of Invocations, which ended at The Battle of Mournful Shore, where the Clans slew the leaders of Penrok, but mercifully let Penrok and it’s people remain as a free city.

At the end of the Age, a great flaming raven flew across the sky, and many of the greatest heroes were born at the same moment, heralding the start of the Age of Heroes."

The Early Age

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