The Glomril War

" The Glomril War was a great conflict between the Clans and the Dwarves. It began as an isolated conflict in the South, when a few Holds rebelled and closed themselves off from Human interference.

The Dwarves remained in good spirits as the reprisals from humans never came, owing mostly to the fact that wars were still raging above the surface. The great hope of the Dwarves seemed to have finally come true – freedom from all masters, once again a nation of their own.

However, in 890SC, the Humans came in force. The Dwarves, mighty and stout, beat them back time and time again, their fierce independence and strength lending great might to the Dwarven armies.

Shortly, Clan Tilmore and Wochs began to focus their efforts against the Dwarves, sending army after army to crush the Dwarves. At the Battle of Alkh, the Dwarves were finally beaten by the combined might of two mighty Clan armies. The High King of the Southern Dwarves – Halm Dreadaxe was slain in the battle, and the Dwarven armies lost heart for further conflict as many despaired and mourned the lost king.

Within the next two years, the disheartened Dwarves fought against their foes with little spirit. The Clan armies crushed army after army and hold after hold until the Dwarves were finally soundly defeated.

Since then, many Dwarves have nurtured grudges against the humans, yearning to avenge the fallen. Oaths are still sworn to this day that Clan Wochs will pay and Dwarves seldom, if ever, cooperate with Clan Wochs as a result of this conflict.

The Glomril War

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