The Islands

“Though there are hundreds upon thousands of small islands that populate the oceans both near and far, it is in the opinion of the chroniclers that only three are of any importance to the histories – the Isle Maros, the Isle of Loneliness and the Splintered Isles.

We shall cover each of them in turn, for their history is brief, but diverse enough from the rest of the continent to deserve mention.

The Isle of Maros, a large island that, supposedly, broke off from the continent of Tiressea in the days before the First Men, where unsightly creatures such as dragons and demons still bounded across the empty plains which the earth formed. The legends say that the Dragon King was slain there, and when his body – headless, disemboweled, his bones exposed and covered in red gore – fell to the Earth, the surface cracked and broke, and sank with his body into the depths of the black sea, creating the Isle of Maros.

In the later ages, this island became inhabited by tribal beasts and human settler, which fought for ages until the land of Minar conquered them and established itself as ruler. After Minar was destroyed by internal strife after The War of Heroes, Ssala and Miir fought over the island, but Clan Tilmore conquered the isle after they came across and left Ssala and Miir devastated and weak. In the end, Clan Talis, who revolted against the Tilmorians, took over the island, but their priests said that a great evil dwelled within it and, thus, it was stripped of all structures of man, with barely a few small townships left along it’s shores. They are lonely, desolate places and few people go there.

The Isle of Loneliness is a bleak island that, while fertile, is both too wet and hot for any crops to grow or proper farmland to exist. Few visit it and there are only two villages on the island, along it’s shore, both relying on fish and poor sorts of cattle. Little is known about it or it’s inhabitants, for those who walk into the isle’s depths rarely, if ever, come out.

The Splintered Isles are a chain of dismal islands that lie to the west of the Sand-Lands. Little is known of what caused a great island to split apart into hundreds of smaller islands that remain uninhabited by even the crudest of beasts. Many of them are submerged to at least some extent, covered in dismal burns and ancient ruins. Many believe that great treasures lurk in these cursed ruins and depths of the water."

The Islands

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