The Language

“…it is important for one to understand the full nuances and complexities of the Common Tongue, spoken throughout the lands of the Clans and beyond – to the realms of the raiders or even the Sand-Lands, else he will be cheated and it mayhap even result in a quick death – a word said at the wrong place at the wrong time is a greater problem than you might imagine.”

Common words spoken in the Continents:

The Dailies
Eventide – the time of evening.
Middas – the time of noon.
Affon – the time after noon.
Morrow – the time of morning.
Breaking fast – eating at the time of morning.
E’en – even.
Fare-thee-well – goodbye.
Aye – agreement.
Nay – disagreement.
Oft – often.
Enow – enough.
Verily – very, truly.
Prithee/Pray – please.
Fie, Godsdamn – common cursewords.
Mayhap/Perchance/Belike – perhaps, maybe.
Hal – half.

Common Terms
Wergild – a form of restitution for illegal murder in cattle or gold.
Aeldsman – a village or town head priest.
Aeldorsman – a high priest of a city.
Headsman – executioner.
The Ring – leaders of a village.
Acre – an amount of land.
Ark – wooden coffer.
Amercement – fine.
Alms – penance by giving money to the poor.
Armiger – a person who may carry his own coat of arms.
Clanners – members of a clan.
Belfry – a siege tower.
Buttery – pantry.
Ceorl – free man, but not noble.
Thrall/Serf – a peasant who isn’t a free man.
Flag – a military unit.
Demesne – manor house and lands around it.
Donjon – great tower or keep within a castle.
Essoin – formal excuse.
Fief – an estate granted for serving a lord.
Freehold – estate held without feudal right.
Homage – ceremony of swearing oath to a lord.
Lastage – fee for storage.
The March – border lands between clan-held territory and various freeholds.
Marcher Lords – lords with lands in the border territories.
Pavage – toll exacted by cities to repair roads.
Scutage – money paid by a lesser lord to a greater lord.
Tithe – a portion of income given to the priests.
Wharfage – fee for using a wharf.

The Language

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