The Outsiders

An extract from the Godless tome “Exploration of The Outer Planes – Anatomia”

“Outsiders are the foul beings who dwell beyond our righteous realm. The majority of them are creatures of foulness and chaos, being representations or relations of and to the various aspects of our plane and all creatures who dwell in it.

They are beyond dangerous, for a great many of them seek to harm, cheat or even devour humankind and all other creatures who dwell in the material plane. The most well-known of these are the Demons, who are manifestations of the raw rage of Chaos and hatred, who seek only to kill and destroy. There are many other unholy beings – from the hateful ant-beings known as Braegars to the many-eyed and many-eared spirit eaters known as Khaeliryans – who hold a deep hatred for all beings of the material plane.

However, not all Outsiders are necessarily evil. Creatures such as the centaurs and nymphs of Sylas, the magical plane of eternal forests, and the elemental beings of the many elemental planes seem content to live peacefully with or, at least, are not hostile to humanity and the many lesser races of the material realm.

The knowledge of these creatures and any texts written on them are held secret, only for the eyes of wizards and mages capable of understanding such disgusting beings. Let not the mind of peasant or lord be troubled by that which dwells beyond the wall of reality!"

The Outsiders

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