The Razing of Karathagi

“In 880SC, after the rise of Clan Morris, the Raven-kin were sent reeling as they were defeated by the superior forces of Clan Morris. Many gathered to regroup in Karathagi, one of the larger free cities under the control of the Raven-kin.

Within a few months, Karathagi was besieged by a vast army of Clan Morris, who came with Dwarves and Haldwarves in tow, bearing the famous Dwarven siege engines that would later be used to great affect in a myriad of conflicts.

The city of Karathagi was built as an almost impenetrable fortress – a steep cliff prevented anyone from attacking it from the east, and deep ravines blocked access from the South and North. Only a small strip of land to the West led to the main gate of the city.

Lord Morris, the leader of the Morrissian forces, attempted to negotiate surrender, but the Raven-kin said they would not bow before “a Clanner Dog”. Angered, Lord Morris turned to his Dwarven allies for a solution.

Knowing the Dwarven aptitude for digging, it was then decided by Lord Morris himself to allow the Dwarves to demolish the main gate by tunneling underneath it and then collapsing the tunnels in the depth of night, while the rest of the forces held back and later advanced under cover of night into the city.

It took many days of labour, until the Dwarves were ready. When the time came, the gate was demolished and the defenders found themselves outnumbered and facing a determined foe with few fortifications to tip the odds.

The city was massacred, to show the Raven-kin that fighting against the Clans is futile. After the entire population of the city was slain, it was then razed to the ground.

The empty husk of Karathagi still stands in the Western lands, a grim shadow of it’s former self. Rumors speak of it as the haunted city, and it is avoided by many. Even the roads leading to it have long since been forgotten."

The Razing of Karathagi

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