The Siege of the Red Tower

" The Siege of the Red Tower was an event that occured in 863SC, when a mighty Penrokian army was besieged within one of the greatest bastions of wizardry, known as the Red Tower, a great castle that stood upon a high hill.

Though initially difficult for the attackers, they, protected by the newly-created Anti-Magician Order, and with the aid of Dwarven soldiers, gained in a quickly-forged alliance with several Dwarven Holds, battered down or demolished the walls of the Red Tower.

Within a month of the beginning of the siege, the walls had fallen and the armies of Penrok surged into the castle, slaughtering the armies of Penrok, which were by this time hungry and of low morale. The greatest of wizards were caught in the Red Tower itself and were slain.

This battle struck a great blow against the Penrokians, badly damaging their armies and fighting capability.

The Siege of the Red Tower

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