The War of Invocations

" The War of Invocations, was one of the biggest, and shortest, conflicts that occured in the Early Age.

It began in 862SC, when the leaders of Penrok decided to end the bloodshed and despair of the previous centuries by uniting the Clanlands under the banner of Penrok once and for all, and bestowing the enlightened rule of wizards and academics to the realm, to prevent the greed and stupidity of Men from ruining the Human Civilizations.

With many lesser allies, they forged a mighty union of many armies. However, the Clans had known of the rising strength and, soon, began the conflict by marching against the city of Penrok.

Though initially strong, the tide turned against the Penrokian Wizards after the Siege of the Red Tower in 863SC, when one of the principal fortresses of the Penrokians, known as the Red Tower, was taken and destroyed and many of the most powerful mages of the land were slain.

The war continued for another year, until the armies of Penrok engaged the armies of the Clans on the river Vel, which runs close to the city Penrok. Due to terrible decisions by the Wizards leading the armies, as by that point the greatest leaders had surrendered or defected, the Penrokians were slaughtered, and the West bank of the river Vel in that precise area is now known as the Mournful Shore due to the amount of dead that washed onto it that day. The Battle istelf is known today as the Battle of Mournful Shore.

With the armies of Penrok defeated, the head wizards were each slain and their bodies displayed upon great crosses before the city of Penrok to remind the people within who rules this land. However, in a great show of mercy, the Clan Leaders decided to give Penrok a measure of freedom.

Thus ended The War of Invocations.

The War of Invocations

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