The War of Oppression

" The War of Oppression was the longest conflict in the Age of Heroes, spanning almost 50 years of recorded history. Constant, bloody conflicts between Clans with the involvement of many heroes and heroic leaders typified this unusual war.

It began as a series of battles between Clan Talis and Clan Varus, who were both uncomfortable with the borders of their lands. Seeking to expand, they began to fight against one another, with several-well known heroes, such as Boris Musorgskov and Gnaeus Il Rosso, leading the charge against one another.

Soon, however, all Clans joined in and began to fight each other for flimsy excuses, such as unheard of insults or territorial grievances that didn’t seem to exist before this war. Many whispered of secret interests of the Clan Lords to turn their lands into nations and themselves into kings. This deeply unsettled many nobles, and war between nobles, even of the same Clan. became a common sight.

In 920SC, the Elves and Dwarves were brought into the conflict, particularly by Clan Morris, to, perhaps, finally break the deadlock that had gripped the war.

In 932SC, after a swathe of invasions and inner conflicts, the war reached it’s peak – the battle of Redgrave Fields, where the Elves turned against their employers and supposed allies, and slew a great number of Wochs and Tilmore soldiers. After this, the Elves were cast out from Human society and became a byword for distrust and treachery.

The War continues, in it’s bloody glory and battles, but little is achieved, until 945SC, when the Dragons and Norskans brutally invade the Clanlands, seeking to plunder and destroy the wealth of Men.

With such mighty forces as the Dragons attacking their territories, the War of Oppression finally ended in 950SC, when the battered and disorganized human armies scrambled to regroup and fight back against the Dragons and Raiders rampaging through their lands. Ultimately, it may be a delay, rather than an ending to conflict between the Clans, for the issues that caused the War of Oppression still persist today".

The War of Oppression

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