The War of Sons

“In 875SC, tensions were greater than they had been in almost a decade. Vast swathes of land were unified under the leadership of brave men who came from seemingly nowhere bearing raven banners, raven symbols and, some say, even worshipping ravens.

They were known as the Raven-kin, for they had many raven symbols and they told to many the story of their creation – along the bank of the river Udar, a raven landed and wed a wolf. From the union were born the first of the Raven-kin, their purpose decreed by the Gods themselves to sunder the Clans and to bring justice to human lands.

However, the Clans were neither blind nor deaf, and once the freeholds and lower vassals flocked to the Raven banners, they turned their eyes towards these so-called “liberators”. Once the largest freeholds fell to the Raven-kin, the Clans could no longer sit on the wayside.

The first to march were the Wochs clan, which suffered miserable defeat after defeat. The rest of the clans were soon to join. Hundreds of battles were fought over miserable scraps of land before Clan Morris arose to power. Experienced and valiant fighters, the Clan rampaged throughout the lands of the Raven-kin, destroying and burning all in their wake.

So great was the carnage, and so many lords were slain, that the war became known as the War of Sons due to the incredible amount of successions that took place during it. Many Houses, great and small, rose and fell during this time.

In the end, after a decade of warfare, the Raven-kin fell before the mighty sword and lance of the onrushing Clan Morris and their allies. Their leaders were slain and the Raven-kin scattered to the winds, forever lost."

The War of Sons

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