Here are several homebrew weapons that you can use while adventuring in the continents of Erdon and Tiressea:

War Fork
Arbalest, Light
Arbalest, Heavy
Varian Composite Longbow
Huskarl Axe
Bersekir Longaxe
Gnoll Hunting Spear
Gnoll Warspear
Gnoll Pigsticker
Gnoll Warblade
Ironguard Poleaxe

Additional notes:

Rapiers are called tapered swords instead.

Masterwork weapons have somewhat different rules. All Masterwork weapons reduce fumble chance by 1.

A sharp masterwork weapon can be bought instead of a normal slashing of piercing one. It gives you a +1 to damage and otherwise functions as a masterwork weapon. If the weapon is damaged or goes without use for 3 days, it loses the bonus until sharpened again. Sharpening requires a sharpening stone or grindstone and one hour of time. Magic weapons originally bought as sharp masterwork weapons may also be sharpened.

Masterwork arrows can be bought and give a +1 to hit with ranged weapons.
Masterwork bullets can be bought, but provide no bonus and are used only for enchantment.

Masterwork shields can be bought and reduce weight by 10%, check penalties by 1 and Arcane Spell Failure by 5%.

Masterwork armour can be bought and it reduces check penalties by 1, weight by 10% and Arcane Spell Failure by 5%.

Masterwork ranged weapons can be bought as well and give +1 to Hit and a 20% increase in maximum range.


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