Character Creation

Characters may roll for their stats using the Standard Methods (4d6 and drop 1 is my preferred one) or use a 32 point buy.

If characters roll, rolling below 25 will grant bonus XP while rolling above 45 will incur an XP penalty of 200XP per point (rounded up). All players are entitled to one reroll for each character. Characters below 22 are given free rerolls.

Up to 3 Traits and 3 Flaws can be taken. These are SRD Flaws and Traits only, but special exceptions can be made in the event of a unique and interesting concept. Level Adjustment may be bought off during the course of the game, as per the standard rules.

Characters may choose an optional origin – Clansman, Peasant, Mercenary, Wanderer or City-Dweller. This will alter NPC reactions significantly.

All character sheets should be shown to me prior to game start so I could evaluate them and see if there’s anything disagreeable. Due to the amount of literature allowed, this is a more efficient way of preventing choices that are disallowed.

In addition, if you want a class or prestige class from books that are not allowed, inform me and I shall see if it’s possible to include it.

Certain books, like the Book of Exalted Deeds, are forbidden in their entirety. This is non-negotiable. The race choices are outlined in this wiki, but some may be negotiable.

They may not buy any equipment, and they do not start with gold.

Additional Trait – Blindness
Additional Trait – Daemonologist

Character Creation

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