Clan Morris

“Eternal Glory, Boundless Bravery"

“Clan Morris is the youngest of the Clans. It ascended to rule in the Age of Heroes, during the War of Sons. They wrestled control of their lands both from the Tilmorians and Wochsites, and established a proud Clan that, though barely out of it’s infancy, can easily contend with the others.

Though their reputation is one of idealism, chivalry and pride, Clan Morris is powerful indeed. Few others have such an affinity for dealing with Dwarves and imitating their craftsmanship, and their warriors and leaders are veterans of very recent conflicts.

They are known for their exceptional armour – from coats of plates, to brigandines, to scale armour and even great suits of chainmail strengthened with steel plates. A Morrisian army in the field is a flamboyant and lovely sight – pennants and banners, surcoats and shields decorated with heraldic symbols, gold-edged armour and weapons, even great helms with faux horns.

Their capital is Dunmoor, a coastal fortress situated on a separate island from the main body of the city. Pennants decorate the city at all times, and various celebrations are welcomed and common throughout the city. Their most important resources are marble, stone, wood, iron and they have the largest supply of gold and rare materials in the continent.

Morrisian men are known for their bravery and dedication to the chivalric virtues. Though this is the common image, it does not mean that there are no exceptions. Corruption is fairly rampant through the Morrisian lands and even honourable knights are known to sometimes look away for gold. They are also rather zealous in their dedication to glory – particularly hounding and destroying cravens in all their forms. Executions for cowardice are a common sight and the dungeons are filled to the brim with people who may have shown even the slightest bit of fear."

Clan Morris

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