Clan Tilmore

“No Slight Goes Unpunished”

“Clan Tilmore has had a long and colourful history. It is the oldest of all clans, having established itself during The War of Seperation. It has had great rulers, from Lord Magnus the Just to Lord Toastig Dragonbane, and it has had some of the worst rulers to have ever walked upon the sacred soil of our world, such as Lord Veros the Mad, who hosted vile orgies in his castle and encouraged his Lords to fight, duel and kill one another, up until he was himself slain in bed by his son, the equally mad Lord Lanus the Craven, who assassinated most of his rivals for the smallest slight and whose intense fear of being overthrown led to him butchering most of his family.

While it is not as mighty nor as wealthy as it once was, Clan Tilmore is still a force to be reckoned with. They own the lands of Erdon from the Bay of Vrok, reaching the foothills of Dragonpeak, going through the Mountains of the Gods, and reaching Highpool and the Bay of Tides. Their lands are vast and wealthy, with a large amount of resources, such as wood, stone and iron. Almost the entirety of the sea trade between Erdon and Tiressea flows through Tilmorian ports, earning them impressive profits.

However, many have remarked that the vastness of their lands has led to a decrease in honourable storeguard, garisson men, watchmen and officers, as an increasing number of them are willing to turn their swords away at the sight of a gold coin. Rumors say that even the House Guards, loyal members of the Clan hierarchy, are caught whoring, being bribed, even doing unspeakable things to citizens who have done no wrong.

Despite this, many of the knights and lords of the clan are known for their impressive sense of honour, bravery and their martial prowess. They are often seen leading warriors into battle, either at the helm of a ship or on a charger. Many of them are followers of the older ways, preferring duelling and battle to legalities and legal councils.

The warriors, of course, are formidable. They are experienced and hardened by years of constant infighting between lords for power, as is the Tilmorian way. Clan Tilmore is most well-known for it’s bold and daring attacks both at sea and immediately after landing. They are immediately recognised by the bright colours of blue and white either on their tabards or clothes, or painted on their armour, and silver dragons.

It is worth noting that Clan Tilmore’s rulership is rigid and uncompromising, with the opinion of lesser houses, even the Low House Council being disregarded or outright ignored. Their rigidity has become so well known that the saying “to have Tilmorian blood” is understood as meaning to never obey or compromise or listen to anyone.

Lord Tilmore himself is a mysterious ruler. He is seldom seen, apart from public affairs and festivals. When he leaves, he leaves as quietly and as unnoticed as a shadow. During war time, he spends most of his time in his tent, talking to his generals and constantly planning. Few know him, and fewer yet have met him for more than a brief moment. He has ruled for a brief period – a mere ten years – but some of his brilliance has already been noted. He has won wars without making a move and brought rebellions to their knees with but a few words.

The capital of the clan is the massive metropolis of Kesav-by-the-Sea, that consists of a castle located on a cliff that rises just above the sea and a city that lies beneath, surrounded in thick walls, all of it nestled between mountain and sea, with few entrences that can be reached by armies or even caravans. The largest harbour in the known world is also located at Kesav, standing just outside the Forlorn Gate."

Clan Tilmore

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