Dis Hateiron

Dis Hateiron, The Iron Axe, The Eternal Guard is a notorious Dwarven deity, known for his keen sense of justice, his angry demeanor and constant state of rage over injustice and disoloyalty, and his grudge-keeping attitude. He is often known as the Dwarven Patron God of Vengeance and The Betrayed.

Dis Hateiron was once a bodyguard of a Dwarven King, Vorn Coppersmith. Though he was of great strength even for a dwarf and was one of the finest warriors of the time, it was an unusual ritual of carving the name of every man he had a grudge against into his armour and weapons – and for him, that was a great many, that set him apart.

His Path to Ascendance began during a battle that occurred when a Hold wished to expand it’s territory into the Human lands and was challenged by the Clans. The King was betrayed by several of his generals and captains, who left him to die on the field of battle against superior human forces. Though the Dwarves managed to achieve victory, the Dwarven King was slain.

The only surviving bodyguard, Dis fell into a deep despair. He cut off his beard, and shaved his hair, took only his axe and his armour, and into both he carved the names of the traitors, who had fled.

For nearly 60 years did he spend every minute of every day searching for the traitor, until, one by one, they were cut down. The last one was cut down on the same moment as Dis breathed his last, finishing his grisly task and avenging the fallen king.

It is said the Gods were so inspired by the loyalty and spirit of this Dwarf that they gave him a place amongst the Dwarven deities.

Dis Hateiron requires his worshipers to avenge all slights despite how long it may take, to bear grudges, to be dutiful and just in all things, and to be loyal to those they pledge loyalty to.

He asks that his followers inscribe the Dwarven word for Hate into a piece of metal and pray over it.

Dis Hateiron

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