Dolok, the Smiling Mask, the Divine Thief, is a young and almost timeless God who is often regarded as the patron of both jesters and thieves. He is one of the most commonly worshiped Gods, though he has only a few temples scattered throughout the lands.

He is known for the great abundance of stories that are told of his abilities and exploits – from convincing Yalk to give away his entire hoard; to making the Gods of Sadness, Pain and Misery to smile; to stealing time itself to give himself eternal youth.

He asks his followers to steal for the pleasure of stealing, to be spontaneous and unpredictable, to lie when it’s convenient and furthers their goals, to mislead when profitable and to entertain when it’s allowed.

Dolok requires that his followers either mislead an enemy or steal money for the sake of stealing money over the course of a fortnight.


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