The City of the Depths

“When the Cities of the Aboleths had sunk into the Great Crevice, and when the first mites that would become Man first appeared, from the Star that fell from the celestial spheres sprang forth a new form of life as yet unseen by the World.

Born not from Gods, but from the bodies and spirits of Aboleth intertwined with other beings of the sea and the otherworldly materials of the Fallen Star, they were a pathetic race of weak beings that resembled large tadpoles with the addition of the tentacles of squids and octopi. For they were born from a Star, they came to be known by us as the Starspawn.

However, being the only ones to inhabit the Great Crevice, they began to feed on the bodies of the dead and eternally dying Aboleths without interruption. Slowly, the consumption of these immortal beings gave the ugly and ravenous Starspawn some of the great intelligence and wisdom of the Aboleths, as well as some of the great power of their mind.

In time, the Starspawn grew and learned of many secrets that the Aboleth possessed. In time, the Starspawn began to hunger not for the flesh, but for knowledge. With the Winds of Magic still blowing through the World, they began to grow and change, their bodies urging them to find new sources of knowledge to feast upon. As the centuries passed, they grew frail bodies with long humanoid limbs that helped them claw their way out of the Great Crevice.

Upon leaving the resting place of the Star that had given birth to their vile race, the Starspawn met both the Mermen and the beings of Atalis. Though they begged for knowledge, both Merman and Atalisian denied them, for both races loathed the disgusting race of the Starspawn and looked with great horror at such creations of madness. The Starspawn, angered beyond measure, used their obscene power of mind to enslave all thinking creatures that met them, to later be used as food for the ravenous Starspawn and their children or as slaves to lure more and more into the Great Crevice.

When many had been consumed and an army of slaves served the Starspawn, the hunger began to fade, but never completely left the horrible race of the Starspawn. Though most Starspawn were too weak to wield blades or tools, they began to use their vast armies of slaves to construct a new city in the depths to house the Fallen Star, once it has been retrieved from the Great Crevice. A vast and horrible place that defies all senses and logic, the city came to be known as E’ilath, the Capital of the Starspawn and the City of the Depths.

Though weaker than the Aboleths, the Starspawn managed to create a great realm, taking great swathes of land from the realm of Atalis and the Mermen. In this realm, all were slaves to the will of the Starspawn and many were held as food for the youth of the Starspawn or workers, for the Starspawn were very weak and frail by themselves.

Though tales had been told of these creatures by other races, Humanity was shocked when these beings made contact. Supposedly wishing for peace, they came to the surface to speak and exchange the knowledge of elder beings for the knowledge of Man. Humans, repulsed by the look of these ugly creatures, tried to battle them and drive them back into the sea, but they all fell to the power of the Starspawn and became the first to be enslaved and turned into food for the ravenous Starspawn, who adopted many customs and creations of Man, Elf and Dwarf in their hunger-driven realm.

However, the Starspawn were still not satisfied. With their magic growing stronger and stronger, they began to turn their realm into something more reminiscent of a different plane, where all sane creatures slowly lose their minds through corruption and dead beings of the sea rise as mindless servants to the Starspawn overlords. Many believe that the Starspawn dabble in planeswalking and unholy blood rituals to bring to this realm creatures that are rejected even by the most outlandish planes.

As the ages passed, Starspawn were rarely seen, but legends still tell of a City lying somewhere in the greatest of depths, where these foul humanoids live and, seldom, tales are told of Starspawn commanding legions of ocean horrors that raid the coasts and seas for slaves and sacrifices to whatever foul Gods the Starspawn worship.

It is not unheard of for people to even now worship these strange beings in hope that they will forgive past transgressions and impart knowledge unto surface-dwellers. The most common form of sacrifice is to build a strange well under the guidance of a Starspawn that comes to the builder in dreams and then allow women to submerge themselves into the water to, supposedly, be impregnated by the Starspawn and give birth to children that are both Human and Starspawn in origin.

Thus ends the story of the birth and rise of the Starspawn, or as the Elves call them – Illithids – , and their horrific undersea realm."

The City of the Depths

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