The Falling Star

“Long before the time of Man, when the Gods began to shape the world, did dwell in the boundless Ocean the creatures known to us mortals as Aboleths, whom Ectherdhin himself had crafted from the waters of creation and his own blood, to serve as his worshipers and loyal regents while he rested and slumbered.

Born from great Polypal Mothers and gifted with great magic and powers of the mind, the Aboleths came to rule all the creatures of the Ocean that the Gods had created. Even the Mermen and the man-like beings of the underwater realm of Atalis came under the power of the Aboleths, who unwittingly corrupted even the noblest of creatures to become a mindless slave to their great will.

Thus, the first of the Aboleths – Ogarlac – did look upon the vastness of the throng of his servants and he did call them to the darkest and deepest fracture of the World that became known as the Great Crevice and did order them to build the cities where the Aboleths and their Polypal mothers could dwell, and all creatures would come and give praise to Ectherdhin.

For a millennium did the many creatures built the cities as the Aboleths grew both in size and in mind, while their servant races grew dimmer, weaker and even more mindless. So mindless did the servants of the Aboleths grow that the cities slowly came to resemble the impossible complexity of the mind of the Aboleths.

When Ectherdhin awoke from his deep sleep, he looked upon the vast cities that were built in the Great Crevice and his favoured creatures and their slaves, and he did shed a single tear at the fate of his noble servants, who had made all other races their slaves and banished free will from the minds of all creatures except the Aboleths.

His tear fell from the celestial spheres as a great star and landed in the ocean, atop the city of the Aboleths. So great was the impact of it’s landing that many of the Aboleth cities fell into the darkness of the crevice and into the unknown depths of the world, where even Aboleths feared to tread, and great masses of land rose from the sea to the surface to become the continents of Imoeth.

Thus, with almost all Aboleths gone, did the many denizens of the oceans become free and returned to their realms to begin life anew and build cities in the great depths, construct shrines and temples of worship to all gods, and praise their name for granting them freedom from the Aboleths.

However, Ogarlac, the most devout of all Aboleths, and a single Polypal Mother survived the cataclysm that brought low the rest of their race. Ogarlac had seen the omens of disfavour and he brought the last of the Polypal Mothers to the darkest reaches of the oceans, to begin the restoration of their race.

In time, the Aboleths would return, but no more would they have slaves to serve them or great cities to live in. Many grew bitter and spiteful and resentful of both Gods and other creatures for the fate that had befallen the Aboleth race. Thus, they grew silent and cold and withdrew from all beings, to live amongst their kind. Alas, the great knowledge and wisdom of the ageless, immortal Aboleths is now forever known only to them.

Thus ends the story of the Aboleths and how they once ruled the Ocean and the falling star that shattered their race and freed all others from Aboleth rule. There are some who say that deep beneath the waves, near the Great Crevice, they see the lights of the cities of the Aboleths, but none yet have dared to venture into the depths for fear of what might lie in the shattered cities."

The Falling Star

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