The Fiendish Wars

" The Fiendish Wars began nearly a century after the rise of Clan Tilmore. Where it began is not known, but what is known is that it began as a conflict between the Gnolls of the mountains and the Orcs of the lowlands.

Little is known of the conflict up until it began to spill over into human lands, but when it did, it quickly grew and became a major war. Even more so, it coincided with a massive invasion of human lands by a union of ogres and the last of the giants in the continent of Tiressea, as well as centaurs and sea-dwellers in the South.

Clan Tilmore was too occupied by trying to stop both giants, centaurs and sea-dwellers to try and stop the Gnolls and Orcs fighting in the West. This gave rise to House Wochs, one of the mightiest clans in the west, who used their unusual troops – greatswords and crossbowmen – to great effect against the Orcs and Gnolls.

_ Many swore fealty to House Wochs in the hopes that they will protect them from these horrible creatures, and by the end of the War, Clan Wochs was as large as Clan Tilmore, as it had spread to the west, conquering and exterminating Gnolls where they were found, until they had a strong foothold along with the Dwarves in the Heiros Mountains._

In Tiressea, the kingdoms of Miir and Ssala burned, overtaken by the massed armies of ogres and giants, who slaughtered as many as they could. Outlying cities not yet destroyed contacted Clan Tilmore and set up supplies of weapons and arms.

The most prominent of freeholds lying between Miir and Clan Tilmore was held by House Varus. The flowing shipments and increasing trade throughout their lands helped them form their own Clan by uniting the various villages and townships who were too weak and poor to survive for long. In time, they began to intercept shipments of Tilmorian arms and armour, and combining it with their exceptionally bred horses to make the finest cavalry that the human realms could field.

They paid a lot to Clan Tilmore in restitution for the arms, and though the Tilmorians were initially angry that Clan Varus had deceived them, they eventually realised the need of a strong Clan on Tiressea.

In the end, The Fiendish Wars ended as quickly as they had started. The orcs settled further North, chased out by humans and gnolls, while the gnolls were conquered almost entirely, leaving just some roaming bands that ruled their remaining lands in the mountains.

Clan Tilmore fought against the centaurs, exterminating them entirely or forcing them to flee to the fey realms. The Sea-dwellers were eventually forced back into the sea and the many flooded caverns of the underground realm of Agartha.

The lands of Clan Tilmore that were located as a buffer between Clan Varus eventually rebelled, under the guidance of House Talis, leading to the Tallian Rebellion, which seperated and formed Clan Talis. They had to fight against both Clan Varus and Tilmore for many years, until they had finally secured their position as a powerful, and wealthy, Clan."

The Fiendish Wars

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