The Low Houses

“There are hundreds of smaller noble families, but the most prominent amongst them – rich merchant houses or military houses filled to the brim with veterans and knights, for the most part – are given a seat amongst the council of the Low Houses.

Though they are still insignificant when compared to the Great Clan, they know a great deal of information about the land that the Clans rule, and, as such, they are often gathered to determine policies, alliances and trade agreements, or simply to advise the Clan Lord on matters of importance. They are mostly autonomous, having the freedom to pass laws and make agreements, but their work is kept in check by scribes who report their decisions to the Clan Lord, who has the final word.

Clan Tilmore has the most of these Low Houses, for they are the oldest clan with a great deal of influence and the most vassals. However, they are known for frequently denying the wishes of the Low House Council, as they are a stubborn and willful Clan who often pursue their own ends more vigorously and with much less flexibility than others.

Clan Talis, on the other hand, has an exceptional reverence for the Low House Council. They are given almost as much power as the Clan Lord and his advisors. In addition to this, the people of Clan Talis are also given their say in their own council, known as the Council of Public Matters, where envoys of each town, freehold and village meet to discuss the development of Talian lands."

The Low Houses

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