The Mercenaries

“Sellswords. Freeriders. Goldteeth. Nomads. There are many words used to describe mercenaries, most of them being unsavoury and digusting to the common ear.

Whether people like them or now, mercenaries are a common breed. They cannot be placed under one flag, nor can they be generalised. Amongst their numbers are warriors, priests, trackers, scouts, humans and gnolls, orcs and halgiants, halelves and dwarves, – truly, there is no end to the diveristy of the mercenaries.

Many mercenaries work alone and seek quick money and a short employment from a Clan or one of it’s subject Houses during a time of war. Their prices are high, and their help often invaluable.

The greatest of mercenaries, however, set up their own companies and command flags, leading their troops into the most dangerous of situations and the most suicidal of missions. These are the most dangerous and feared of all, excluding the more developed Condotierri. Their companies are often made of hundreds of veterans from different wars with as many as 50 battles firmly under their belt.

Though they are considered dishonourable scum by most people and few will disagree that mercenaries tend to be very flexible about their honour and good morals, their services are highly valued and important to preserve both peace and Clan rule."

The Mercenaries

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