The Monstrous Deities

Monstrous deities are the deities of uncivilized, perverse and savage races. Many of them take sacrifices in blood and life of conscious and sentient beings, feeding off the slain.


Ectherdhin, Overlord of Creation, Lord of Life, God of the Universe. Domain: Creation.
Roda, The Creatrix of Gnoll, Goddess of Gnollkin. Domain: Creation.
Raduir, The Creator of Troll, God of Trollkin. Domain: Creation.
Dodra, The Creatrix of Giants, Goddess of the Giants. Domain: Creation.
Kilug, The Creator of Orcs, God of the Orcs. Domain: Creation
Xuul, The Father of Dragons, God of Dragons. Domain: Dragon

Greater Deities

Braffolk, Ruler of Beasts. This God has no domains.
Lolth, Queen of Spiders. Domains: Darkness, Poison, Trickery.

Intermediate Deities

Ka’jasal’ajtal, God of Planar Creatures. Domains: Bestial, Animal.
Gkarra, Ascended Gnoll Goddess of Hate.
J’gaah, Ascended Gnoll God of Ferocity.

Lesser Deities

Tosh, God of Kobolds.

The Monstrous Deities

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