Additional Trait - Blindness

Your character has either been born blind or has been blinded. However, he has grown accustomed to the effects of the blindness.

The character gains +2 to listen, he or she can always pick listen as a class skill and take 10 on it. He or she gets Blindsight (10ft), which increases by 10ft at level 10 and 10ft more at level 20. He is able to shoot an enemy with a ranged weapon if he hears them (make a listen check to shoot at an enemy. If you do not succeed, they get concealment.)

He automatically fails all spot checks and any check that relies primarily on vision and takes a -4 to search checks. If he is deafened, he is also blinded, however he does not normally suffer from this condition.

If a character regains permanent sight, any bonuses and penalties he gets are halved for the first week. On the second week, all bonuses and penalties disappear, but the character may still have listen as a class skill, regardless of class.

Additional Trait - Blindness

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