Coming of Sky-Render

“The first blade to be forged of Clan Steel was given to High Chief Ornar Cravenslayer of Penrok. When he lifted the blade, it was struck by a lightning bolt from the sky, where the Gods gave unto it the power of all the men who perished in the God War until that time and increased it by adding their own.

When the lightning stopped, the blade became the first magic item to have been forged. It glowed with the ancient languages of Miir, Minar, Ssala, Gallar, Yiir and Patayr, as well as the runes of the Dwarves and the letters of Elves, and in the language of the First Men was carved it’s name – “Sky-Render”.

For many generations, this sword was passed down from Father to Son, until in the Age of Heroes, when during the Battle of Dragonpeak, the sword fell from the hand of Aethelred Cravenslayer and was lost amongst the carnage and blood of the battlefield.

Many years later, it was rediscovered to be in the house of a mad halogre sorceress known as Nasora. A thousand men came and asked for the sword or tried to get it by force, but none succeeded. No army could cross into her land beyond the edges of any map and only brave heros could go – all returning with failure.

When the mightiest of heroes – Ilya of Karav – tried to take it from her, she threw it in the swamp that surrounded her home and it was lost in the depths. For a hundred days Ilya searched the swamp until he found the sword in the hands of a spirit named Lokar. For ten days Ilya and Lokar fought, until Ilya was defeated.

Ilya attempted to bring upon himself glory by returning the sword and attempted to force the ghost to leave by employing common law, but it was outside any freehold, so the spirit refused. Again they fought as hard as they could, but in the end, Ilya succumbed to the diseases and beasts of the swamp now called Ilya’s Folly, and was beheaded by the spirit. Those who visit the swamp still speak of a spirit bearing the sword called “Sky-Render” and the majestic bones of Ilya of Karav still lying in the open, reminding that pursuing “Sky-Render” is dangerous."

Coming of Sky-Render

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