Current Party

“Thus, these are the members who comprised the great band of heroes on it’s journey through Imoeth and who persevered through many trials and tribulations that were destined to befall them:”

Nyx the Journeyman Wizard, The Conjurer of Flame
Groman the Savage Fighter, The Lone Storm
KhristĂȘa Wildspirit the Cleric, Daughter of the Phoenix Mother
Ari-Ana the Burglar, The Devilish Rogue
Balir the Expert Guide, The Dark Traveller
Sigrun the Fierce Raider, The Kinslayer
Gr’Akh’Ra the Orcbreaker, The Gnoll Witch

“In addition to these people, they have some assets that aid them in their journeys:”

Feylein, The Horse
Snorri, The Horse
Valli, The Horse
Feylein, The Phoenix
Kallblod, The Ice Raven
Nevermore, The Raven
Nelarth Palewing, The Silverback Drake
Gork, the White Drake

Nyx’s Iron Wagon

“However, many have been lost on the travels of the motley league, both through events that conspired against the party and through battle against man and beast alike. Let us remember their names:”
Asmodean, the Dark Wizard (Left?)
Filigree Caine, the Hero of Cyrea (Left)
Nash the Druid, the Keeper of the Hyena (Left)
Herman the Hyena (Left)
Ixidor the Travelling Sorcerer, The Mysterious Planeswalker (Slain, Raised,Left)
Meril the Skillful Rogue, The Saviour of Children (Left)
Ilron the Killer, the Vicious Bandit. (Left)
Garr Greatdeath the Ranger, the Hunter. (Slain)
Brad the Merry Bard, The Collector of Tales (Slain)

Current Party

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