Ectherdhin the Wise, The All-Seeing, The Ever-Present, The Lord of Creation, Father of All and King of the Holy Wastes is the most prominent of all Gods.

Ectherdhin is the God who first created the Universe. From his efforts were created the Gods, the World, the Stars, the Realms Beyond and everything else. It is he that is the creator of all that we see and believe him.

He is said to have become an observer God, who simply monitors the work of his many children and makes sure that the universe is not radically changed, however, some have said that he interferes in the affairs of mortals to ensure that his millennium-spanning plans to preserve the Universe are carried out.

He is worshipped by most people at least to some extent. His most ardent worshipers are those who seek to preserve the balance of the universe and the nature of existence. To draw the wrath of Ectherdhin is to toy with the destructive powers of the Universe itself.

His alignment is True Neutral. His Favored Weapon is the Fist.


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