Sometimes, even the greatest of warriors can have an unfortunate swing of their weapon or sloppy footwork…

When a character rolls a natural 1 in his first attack of each round, he has a chance to fumble.

To confirm a fumble, a character must roll a d20 with a bonus determined by the DM. If he fails to reach the per-determined DC to make it an ordinary miss, they perform a fumble.

When a fumble happens, roll a d20 to determine what result you get on the DM’s fumble table.

Special Cases:

If you are wielding a magic or masterwork weapon, your weapon does not break. Instead, it takes 1d4 damage and you take a -1 penalty to further attacks. This penalty is cumulative with any weapon damage result you receive.

Fumble applies to magic as well, but is referred to as “mishap”.


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