“The HalGnolls are children of gnolls and, often unwilling, human mothers. They are still a rare sight, but are becoming increasingly common throughout the realms.

They are most often born in slums where their human mothers are held, and if their gnoll mother doesn’t kill them to protect her own brood, they will be thrown to the streets at first opportunity to fend for themselves. Few Gnolls accept these wayward children as their own, but the occasional kindness is not out of the question. The priests often take them in as well, as the sight of a halgnoll during childhood is truly pitiful.

They are odd creatures, to be sure, and there is a far greater variance in them than even in humans. There is no common look to the halgnoll, and most can be considered to be unique individuals. Most of the time, they’ll have inherited hound features and fur of some description from their fathers.

Some halgnolls, however, look almost human, differentiated from men by having sharp teeth, stubby canine ears, an elongated jaw or other physical signs. Others surpass gnolls – their fur is immaculate, they do not have any of the misshapen physical features of common gnolls and, most importantly, they are able to accurately imitate humans and are, more often than not, human in behaviour, only distinguished by their beast-like characteristics.

However, the most well-known halgnoll is a pitiful beast. From his birth, he is scarred in every place where his fur attempts to grow, his features are beast-like and inhuman, and the ravenous gnollish appetite begins to gnaw at him from the first moment of his life. As he grows up, his entire body will become covered with fur, except for seemingly random patches that will remain bare and will betray his human heritage, and his form will be lanky, with a human-like posture, but he will lose the strength and most of the speed of his gnollish kin.

However, the halgnolls are almost all shown to be above the average for Gnollish kind in mental abilities and show slightly increased physical capabilities when compared to humans. This is why halgnolls have become a common sight in Clan armies as scouts and rangers. A few are even known to have become assassins.

While their gnollish ancestry does make them a target of suspicion, they are most often pitied. Halgnolls that survive have so far managed to integrate themselves into human society, but whether this will last remains to be seen."

  • Dexterity +2, Strength +2, Intelligence -2, Charisma -4
  • Medium Size: Halgnolls suffer no penalties or bonuses due to their size.
  • Halgnoll base speed is 30ft.
  • Halgnolls have low-light vision out to 60ft.
  • +1 Natural Armour Bonus to AC. Halgnolls have tough, patchy hide instead of normal skin.
  • Dealing with Danger: A halgnoll is used to working with traps and can feel around to figure out how they work. A halgnoll can use Dexterity in place of Intelligence for determining the disable device skill bonus points.
  • Halgnolls may make two natural claw attacks instead of wielding a weapon. Each attack deals 1d4 points of damage each.
  • Halgnolls gain +2 to Survival, Search and Listen.
  • Automatic Languages: Common. Bonus Languages: Any
  • Favoured Class: Rogue
  • Level Adjustment: +0.


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