Holidays and Festivals

The Ceremony of Dawn – Annual, May 1st. All people come together to celebrate the passing of Winter-time and the coming of another spring. Feasts are held across the land and temporary peace reigns until a week has passed.

Golden Day – Annual, April 13th. In the Capital of the Tilmore Clan – Kesav-by-the-Sea – the ascension of the clan to Great Clan status after the sacking of Golden Bay is celebrated. A tourney is held, as well as a feast, and the merchants from nearby lands flock.

The Fair of Wisdom – Annual, April 1st. A common festival celebrated throughout both the Clan Lands and the Freeholds, it is based around trickery and proving one’s wisdom. Normally, small tournaments are organised throughout the Clan Capitals.

The Tournament of Triumph – Annual, June 10th. A Great Tourney is held in the foothills of Dragonpeak, where warriors from all the houses and clans throughout the lands gather to fight in the greatest tourney yet devised. Usually, the winners are given great treasures and powerful magic items for their victory.

High Day – Every First Sunday of the Month. A ceremony is held in every church throughout the Freeholds, celebrating the Gods. It is sometimes celebrated in the clan lands, but very rare in places where the New Faith is prevalent.

The Fair of Voices – Annual, May 18th. A fair is held in the city of Talkor, in the Marches of the North. It is said to be dedicated to bards and singers of all kinds and many of the greatest musicians and bard in the realm flock to the fair to compete in an ancient competition.

The Sanctification of the Moon – Every year, day varies. On the day when the moon reaches it’s zenith and night lasts for the longest time, fairs throughout the land celebrate the Gods, for it is believed by many that this is when the Gods look upon the people and disperse their favour to the greatest and the mightiest of men.

The Festival of Blessing – Semi-Annual, May 34th and October 26th. The Churches ring bells and open doors and shepherd the people inside to bless their endeavours and tell them tales of the Gods. Many townships and castles hold tournaments to bless the Houses and the Clans.

Death Day – Annual, December 32nd. All doors and windows across the lands are barred and for a day, everything stops. It is said that the ghosts and bodies of the dead rise on this day to celebrate the coming of the times of death and decay.

The Fair of Chivalry – Annual, June 1st. To celebrate that the times of Triumph, Victory and Glory have arrived, Clan Morris hosts a great tournament in their capital of Dunmoor.

The Sacrament of Euric the Golden – Annual, June 25th. To celebrate the Gods of creation, people who believed in foreign Gods or other false Gods, are allowed to rejoin the true faith.

Arch Day – Last Day of Every Month. In celebration of the Clans, the heralds and town masters in freeholds, cities and townships across the land gather the people to teach them about the laws of the Clan-lands. It is named for the speakers ages ago who were called “arches” in the old tongue.

Tome Day – Every Third Sunday of the Month. In celebration of the Order that the Clans have created, Clan Lords and Clansmen pray with their subjects in a show of dedication to their people.

Seventh Day – Every Seventh Day of Every Month. Those who belong to the New Faith use this day to rest instead of labour and pray and donate to their God.

Rose Day – The First Sunday of March. Roses and other flowers are given to loved ones in celebration of emotion and the Goddess that created them.

The Sacrament of Courage – Annual, 25th of May and 25th of December. This is the time when those who deserve to be uplifted into the Feudal hierarchy are given sacraments and holy ceremonies that grant knighthood.

The Fair of Ceri the Witty – Annual, 36th April. A festival is held in Saranos, the capital of Clan Varus.

The Feast of Starfall – Annual, 16th of August. A gnollish festival, it is held throughout their cities in a show of loyalty to their goddess.

The Fair of Bells – Annual, September 1st. Fairs are held throughout the land in celebration of the coming of the time of labour and toil, harvesting and preparation for Winter.

The Celebration of Virtue – Annual, July 20th. A festival is held in the Tilmorian capital in celebration of the many virtues that are attributed to honourable people. People compete in contests that proove their honour and martial prowess in front of others.

The Fair of the Night – Annual. February 7th. A fair is held in Dunmoor, the Capital of Clan Morris, that offers many unusual trinkets for sale from merchants from far away, and offers many games and challenges for those who want to show their abilities and win unusual, often magical, prizes.

Festival of Death – Annual, December 1st. Fairs throughout the land celebrate the coming of the time of Death and Decay. It is a grim occasion to many and, as such, it is a festival that is slowly being forgotten.

The Festival of Wizardry – Annual, September 30th. Penrok hosts a grand tournament where wizards are allowed to compete amongst themselves for a chance to win a place amongst the Penrokian Elders.

The Celebration of Comets – Annual, August 12th. In the Capital of Clan Talis, a great forum is held between the Clan and all of their subjects. Fairs are held throughout the land in celebration of the Clan and a great tournament is organised in Conwyfjorde itself.

Crown Day – Annual, Day Varies. It is a day that differs by Clan, for it is a day that celebrates the ascension of the Clan Lord to rule. The Clan Lord meets with his subjects and gives gold to the neediest.

The Day of Blighting – Occasional, longest Night of the Year. Neither a festival, nor a holiday, but a major event, the day of Blighting is a day that occurs as much as once or twice per several centuries, when the seven omens (a shooting star; a malformed wolf cub; seventeen black ravens perched above the door to a cathedral; a human babbling in evil tongues; a dark sun and a pale full moon on the same day; the water in the holy fountain of Ectherdhin changing to blood; and the light of holy candles being smothered by living shadows) appear before the High Priest of Ectherdhin.

During this day, all retreat to their homes, except for the bravest and the holiest, who make sure that the good people are protected, as the undead, creatures of shadow, wargs, shadow wolves and barghests and all other evil creatures surge into being from the borders of the realm of shadow and the material plane, for during this day the border grows thin enough to cross easily, to feast on the flesh of all living creatures.

It is known as the day of Blighting for when the most evil creatures perform rituals or congregate, areas of the world itself become infected, creating a wound on the surface of the world, where evil creatures grow and corrupt plants spring into existence, and few who enter these areas survive.

Holidays and Festivals

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