Apart from the standard, the available languages are:
Ssalan, Miiran, Minaran, Gallaran, Yiiran, Sand Man Tongue, Varian Steppe Speak, the Talisian, Tilmorian and Wochs dialects, Norse, Tribal-Speak and Pa’tay’ran, Starspawn, Agarthan and the Tongue of Xuul.

Ssalan – an ancient Human language spoken in the nation of Ssala in the continent of Tiressea before the nation was conquered. It is still spoken on the Eastern borders to some extent and is most common with the domain of Clan Varus and surrounding freeholds.

Duergar – the Dwarven language fused together with elements of the language of Yiir. It is based upon imagery, myths and history rather than simple words to convey meaning. Learning this language grants you full understanding of the language spoken by Duergar and other races of the deep, though knowing both Dwarven and Yiir will grant you limited understanding. Duergar may be learned only by characters who have spent a time in peaceful contact with Duergar or characters who pick or learn both Dwarven and Yiir as their languages.

Miirian – an ancient Human language spoken in the former realms of Miir in Tiressea, before it was conquered. It is spoken in some parts of Clan Talis.

Minaran – an ancient Human language spoken in some areas of Clan Talis. It is very rare.

Gallaran – an ancient Giant language spoken in the distant reaches of Tiressea and some areas of Erdon.

Yiiran – an ancient Orcish language that they spoke before adopting a humanized tongue. It is spoken by many of the Orcs.

Pa’tay’ran – an ancient Ogre language that was shared with the Gnolls. It is commonly spoken by Gnolls.

The Sand Man Tongue – the language spoken solely by the human inhabitants of the Sand Lands that developed from common. Characters must be Sand Men or have a history as traders to choose.

Varian Steppe Speak – a language created by Varian outriders for communication in the harsh steppe conditions, it is a modified version of common, shortened for practicality and with many different pronounciation changes. Only Varian Outriders or characters who originate from the Varian steppe may take this. This is the most common language spoken in Varian lands.

Talisian Dialect – a language very different to the Common Tongue, the Talisian dialect is a fusion of the old, classical languages with the common tongue, creating a strange and difficult language. Characters who are from Clan Talis or who have interacted with Talisians may learn this dialect.

Wochs Dialect – a rougher and seemingly more primitive tongue, the Wochs dialect is an evolution of the ancient languages of the humans who inhabited the Clan’s territories, having fused with the common tongue. It is uncommon in the Wochs lands in this age, but many documents of import were written in it before the common tongue overtook it. Characters who are scholars of history or who are from the Wochs Clan territory may learn this dialect.

Tilmorian Dialect – an elegant language, the Tilmorian dialect is the one most commonly spoken by the Nobility of the Tilmorian domain. In ages past used as a language to discern nobility from peasantry, the Tilmorian tongue is still widely-used in scholarly fields and natural philosophy, and is generally preferred by many Tilmorians to the Common Tongue. Characters who are scholars, natural philosophers, or who originate in Clan Tilmore may learn this dialect.

Norse – a dialect of common spoken by the Nordish. Only Nordish characters and characters who spent a very long time trading in the North may take it.

Raider Tongue – a dialect of common spoken by the Raider Peoples. Only characters who originate in the Raider Kingdoms or characters who have come into contact with the Raider Peoples enough to learn the language may take it.

Tribal-Speak – a dialect of common spoken by the Tribals. Only Tribesmen, characters with a Tribal background, Lesser Men and traders who have a history of dealing with tribesmen may take it.

Agarthan – a language spoken by the Men of Agartha and the Ancients. Can only be learned by characters who have had considerable peaceful contact with Agarthans.

Starspawn – a language spoken by the Starspawn. Can only be learned by characters who have had considerable peaceful contact with the Starspawn.

Tongue of Xuul – a dialect of Draconic native to True Dragons only. Available only to those who have intimately studied Dragons and can already speak Draconic or those who have learned it from traveling to Drakonis.

Other Languages:
Abyssal – Spoken by Demons and some Outsiders.
Infernal – Spoken by Devils and some Outsiders.
Aquan - Spoken by Aquatic Creatures.
Auran – Spoken by Air Creatures.
Celestial – Spoken by some Outsiders.
Common - Spoken by all races.
Draconic – Spoken by Lizardmen and other creatures.
Dwarven – Spoken by Dwarves and Haldwarves.
Elven – Spoken by Elves.
Giant – Spoken by Giants, Ogres, Trolls and other creatures.
Goblin – Spoken by Goblins and other creatures.
Gnoll – Spoken by Gnolls and some Halgnolls.
Ignan – Spoken by creatures of lava and flame.
Orc – Spoken by Orcs and some Halorcs.
Sylvan – Spoken by some Outsiders.
Terran – Spoken by Earth creatures.
Gutterspeak – Spoken by criminals and some creatures.
Undercommon – Spoken by Drow and creatures of the Underdark.

Infernal/Celestial/Abyssal can only be taken by Fireblood characters who claim their origin to be specifically related to one of the Outsiders of that particular plane, and Wizard characters who claim their chosen Ancient to be a particular Outsider. This has consequences. Others can learn it after being exposed to Outsiders. Sylvan cannot be picked by anyone except Elven Wizards who relate to Fey outsiders, and must be learned.

Gutterspeak can only be taken by Rogues and other criminal classes, or learned by characters who were criminals or have lived for a very long time in areas where Gutterspeak is common.

Aquan, Ignan, Terran and Auran are available to characters who have studied elemental magic and may only be taken by Wizards who specialise in Conjuration. Otherwise, they must be learned.


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