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The Chronicles

Few adventures are performed without leaving a single trace in the sands of time and few ages pass without the presence of custodians of history who chronicle most important events that take place. As such, consider these entries as excerpts from historical works that are either considered by the majority of people to be common knowledge or are known and explored subjects of the party.

Date: May 1st, Monday, 1049 SC. 649 Years after the Dark Ages, 184 Years after the Early Era, 79 Years after the Age of Heroes.

1.The Party Logbook

Here, the description and goal of quests will appear to remind the party of their obligations.
Logbook Entries
Current Party

2. The Cultures and Civilizations of Our World

Here, information about the culture of various tribes, civilizations, clans, kingdoms or other diverse people will be stored.
The Language
Customs and Laws
The Natural Hierarchy of Nobility
Holidays and Festivals
About the Calendar
The Orders for the Uninitiated
Protectors of the Realm
The Clerics
The Clansmen
The Knights
The Craftsmen
City Dwellers
Hunters, Peasants and Low-Breed
The High Clans
The Low Houses
The Knight Houses
The Craft Houses
The Mercenaries
The Condotierri
The Outsiders
Wizards and Sorcerers
The Guilds
The Non-Human Cultures

Races and Peoples

Here, brief descriptions of the cultures, appearances and differences of the myriad of races that inhabit Imoeth will be stored.

Note that the Humans presented here are subraces and it is always possible to play a regular human!

The Sand Men
The Tribes
The Nordish
The Raiders
The Halelves
The Haldwarves
The Halorcs
The Halogres
The Lesser Men
The Firebloods
The Elves
The Dwarves
The Duergar
The Beastfolk
The Warforged
The Others

3. A Guide to The Continents and the Sand-Lands

Here, information about the various famous landmarks and locations scattered throughout the world will be stored.

World Map
Clan Territory
The Continent of Erdon
The Continent of Tiressea
The Islands
The Oceans
The Sand-Lands
The Far-North
The Deep South
The Planar Chart

4. The Histories

Here, information about the long history or specific historical events of the world will be stored.

A Basic Timeline of Events

The Dark Ages – 0 to 400 SC
The Dark Ages
The War of Fey
The God War
Coming of Sky-Render
The Hunt of a Hundred Days
The War of Heroes

The Early Era – 400 to 865 SC
The Early Age
The War of Seperation
The Fiendish Wars
The War of Invocations
The Siege of the Red Tower
The Battle of Mournful Shore

The Age of Heroes – 865 to 970 SC
The Golden Age, or The Age of Heroes
Ascension of the Raven-Kin
The Battle Of Godshome
The Razing of Karathagi
The Glomril War
The War of Oppression
The War of Sons
The Fall of the Raven-kin
The Battle of Redgrave Fields
The Battle of Vardred’s Pass
The Battle of Dragonpeak

The Current Age – 970 SC to Today
The Current Age
The Clan War
The War of Sorcerers
The Battle of Myra’s Ford

5. Of Myths, Legends and the Gods

Here, information about the Gods and Goddesses of the lands shall be stored. Myths and legends shall also be featured prominently.

Famous Myths
Folk Tales
The Pantheon

6. The People

Here, information on various prominent figures will be found.

Lord Brandt, Ruler of the City of Baywater
Gr’Akh’Ra, Huntress-Mother of Tribe Tailripper
Balir Ironfoot, Guide of the Mountains

Mercenary Chapters

7. Heroes, Warlords and Wizards

Here, information on character options and character creation will be stored.

How The Schools of Magic are Viewed
Character Creation
Classes and How they Fit in the Game World
Prestige Classes

8. Arms and Equipment

Here, information on equipment, strongholds, troops and various homebrew additions will be stored.

Other Equipment
Heroic Equipment
Troop List

Famous Items

9. On Order

Here, rules or other important information such as restrictions shall be stored.

Mass Combat
Armour as Damage Reduction
Allowed Books

(Partial Credit for alterations to game rules and homebrew items given to DnD Wiki and Jim Davies. Credit for Artwork, in most cases, belongs to the original owners of the artwork.)

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