The morality of this world is based upon Medieval and Dark Age morality. This morality has developed due to various hardships such as war and plagues. In the end, what is considered honourable and good might be very different.

The Code of Chivalry and Honour for Clansmen is best used as a template for the common morality. It’s main tenets are as follows:

  • To Respect and Love thy Gods
  • To Protect the Honour of thy Gods
  • To serve thy Liege in valour and honour, and never betray his confidence
  • To protect the weak and defenseless when they deserve defense
  • To refrain from undue insults and violence
  • To live by honour and for glory eternal
  • To hate unjust generosity
  • To slay all cravens and cowards, oath-breakers, liars, thieves and criminals
  • To fight for the good of the Realm
  • To Guard the honour of thy fellow Knights
  • Despise all Unfairness and Deceit
  • At all times to speak only the truth
  • To always persevere in all enterprises and events, even to the most bitter end
  • To respect the honour of women, but be hard and unyielding to them when this is called for
  • Never to refuse a challenge from an equal
  • Never to turn thy back upon a foe
  • When possible, solve matters in a legal way
  • Never breach the Guest Right

The common people have a few tenets that they would add -

  • Commit no crimes nor injustice
  • Commit no Illegal Murder
  • Obey thy village ring or city council
  • Bring all matters that concern you before thy village ring or council
  • Obey the Clans and thy Betters
  • Worship and Obey the Gods and their servants
  • Pay thy taxes and know thy place
  • When called to war, go with haste and eagerness
  • Be charitable to all and keep care of thy elders


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