“There are several dominant religions in the realms, as detailed here.

The first is the Old Faith. It is the most common and most people adhere to it. It worships the many Gods that created the world and their children.

The second is the New Faith. It is most common in areas near the sea, where the former religions of Miir and Ssala spread. It is a belief that the old Gods do not exist, but are rather just forms of their God – The One.

The Third is the Sand Faith. It is the dominant religion in the Sand-Lands. It believes in many varied Gods that bear little relation to ours, but have no creator Gods. They believe everything was spawned in the Eternal Chaos, and the Gods we call creators are devils.

The Final one is the Faith of Ancients. It is most common between spellcasters, who worship the ancient spirits of great wizards and warriors to fuel their magic."


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