The Battle Of Godshome

“It was in the Battle of Godshome that the Raven-kin showed their true power. It began on 6th of May, 876SC, when the army of Clan Wochs led by Clan Lord Friedrich, known as The Longbeard, met the armies of the Raven-kin outside the village of Godshome.

In the early morning, the scouts of the armies clashed in several skirmishes outside of Godshome. As the armies were relayed the news, they rushed to meet each other. The lines were drawn up haphazardly due to the difficult terrain.

Lord Friedrich, though an experienced veteran, had never fought on such broken ground, and his deployment caused great gaps to appear in his forces. Clan Wochs’ troops were primarily composed of heavy infantry, which fight best under normal conditions and have troubles overcoming difficult terrain.

Meanwhile, the Raven-kin leader Hadvar Hell-Breath deployed his troops, primarily light infantry and archers, to lure Lord Friedrich into a killing field, where they’d be able to exploit the advantages of the terrain.

Lord Friedrich, who was used to using his heavy infantry to brutally cut a swathe through enemy forces, took the bait and led his troops into the killing field, where, within a few hours, the armies of Clan Wochs were decimated and Lord Friedrich was shot through the eye and the neck and slain.

Thus, the Battle of Godshome ended. Godshome would later be razed by Clan Wochs for aiding the Raven-kin."

The Battle Of Godshome

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