The Battle of Mournful Shore

" In 864SC, the armies of Penrok met the armies of the Clans on the river Ven, near the city of Penrok itself. Thus began the battle that would come to be known as the Battle of Mournful Shore.

It began on the morning of June the 12th, when, under cover of fog, the Penrokian armies began to march towards the armies of the Clans across the biggest ford of the river Ven. Unfortunately, the armies of the clans were encamped a short distance away from the ford and were awoken by the excessive noise of marching well before the armies of Penrok reached them.

The Penrokians were caught in the open and in a bad position. Greater leaders would have been able to salavage the situation, but the wizards leading the army fell into a panic and could not agree on orders.

Acting haphazardly, the armies engaged and within an hour, the Penrokians were pushed back across the river. Many flags broke and ran, abandoning the wizards’ cause. With no clear leaders and no experienced commanders, the Penrokian armies that remained were quickly cut apart and the wizards who led them – beheaded and put on display, as grisly reminders of the true power in the realms of Man.

The Battle of Mournful Shore

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