The Battle of Vardred's Pass

" The Battle of Vardred’s Pass was the most significant battle in the campaign leading up to the Battle of Dragonpeak.

Initially, it began as a battle against a number of wyrms who had nested in a deep canyon known as Vardred’s pass. Before that, it was a refuge for Dwarves of the Greyiron Hold. Many perished when the dragons came, but the Dwarves managed to escape and the most skilled amongst them learned that the wyrms had begun nesting.

Passing this information on to the great Dwarven army of Halgar Ironbreaker, who was at that moment planning an assault on a nearby Dragon-held mountain, they provided him with everything needed to lure out the dragons of the mountain and crush the nesting wyrms – thus destroying a large number of the Dragons that had invaded their lands.

The plan was to lure the dragons by presenting a threat to their nest, as even evil dragons typically will aid their own, though it is unknown for what reason. Using the high sides of the canyon, the Dwarven armies inside would prevent the wyrms inside from flying comfortably and would be safe from attack from above, as the canyon was too deep to be reached by dragon flame without the dragons putting themselves at risk.

When the battle came, the Dwarves emerged from tunnels carved into the mountains, with many flags and hundreds of humans enlisted to aid them. They attacked the nest and, soon enough, the dragons descended upon them. Tog the Tuskless, an orcish hero, with his friend Halgar Ironbreaker, and the aid of several flags, managed to defeat the dragons who could not fly out of the canyon – they were seemingly too confused to put up a great fight against two of the greatest heroes of the land.

The battle raged for several more hours as the dwarves emptied crossbow after crossbow and ballista after ballista into the flying dragons. Finally, when the dragons saw that remaining in the sky would be their great demise, they descended into the pass. These had come prepared and several thousand hardened dwarven and human veterans perished in the fight, however, in the end, they came out victorious.

The amount of dragons defeated would later be of great importance, as they proved to be the majority of females the dragons had remaining at the time. Without continuous nesting, dragons would have to retreat. However, the rest of the females were slain in the battles that followed Vardred’s pass. In the end, no female dragon’s remained, and only one male still drew breath – Xonos the Wicked, the greatwyrm who was said to be the mightiest who ever lived.

The Battle of Vardred's Pass

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