The Current Age

“The Current Age is the age we live in. It follows the Age of Heroes.

With the Golden Age having come to a close, the people have returned to the ways of life as before and society itself can be little distinguished from the one which flourished in the early ages, apart from the fact that the Age of Heroes has visibly increased our knowledge and abilities, improving the lives of many, whether it be through entertainment such as tale and song, philosophy, wealth or peace.

The great number of Clans has led to some amount of in-fighting between humans. This eventually culminated in The Clan War, a short-lived war between all the clans the only result of which was mildly altered borders and terrible losses.

The War of Sorcerers followed just several years later, as magic users and houses that attempted to protect them were brought under Clan control, as they were considered too dangerous to be allowed to roam freely.

Thus, our age continues. It is ultimately up to us to define how our world shall continue to grow and develop. Will it be the war-torn landscape like the past, or shall we transcend our limitations and advance ourselves, bold and god-fearing, into a new World?"

The Current Age

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