The Fall of the Raven-kin

" By 887SC, the Raven-kin were pushed back across the Raven River and few of the mighty castles they built were still in their hands. Clan Morris and Clan Wochs, now allies, proved to be a great threat to the Raven-kin, who began to take the most drastic measures to attempt and preserve their lands.

As the armies of Morris and Wochs swept through the eastern lands of the Raven-kin, castles and cities were abandoned, and supporters of independence from Clans. Cities that did not surrender were conquered and butchered. The cities of Tallbridge, Winterham, Thornisle were destroyed with such uncompromising brutality that they did not recover after the war and were reclaimed by nature in the centuries that followed.

However, the final death blow came at the battle of Everwood, where the greatest leaders of the Ravenkin had gathered for a key meeting with various representatives of the Dwarves, Elves, Gnollish and Orcish mercenaries to hopefully forge an alliance against the Clans.

The clans had learned of the meeting and a mighty force of a hundred knights was despatched to stop it. Followed by the massive army of Clan Wochs and Clan Morris, it was hoped that destroying the leadership of the Raven-kin would force their enemies into battle.

This proved true. When a hundred of the mightiest knights came charging from the woods into the meeting grounds, they made short work of the leaders and their bodyguards. The leaders of other races either fled, were cut down or joined with the Clans.

The disorganized armies of the Raven-kin, with few capable leaders, met the rest of the Clan’s army in battle shortly thereafter. Most of the army was slain, and the remnants were either captured or fled the field of battle.

Thus, the story of the Raven-kin came to and end."

The Fall of the Raven-kin

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