The God War

“The God War was the century-long conflict between the First Men and the many other races against the oppressive and brutish or simply unholy people that had encroached upon their lands and began brutal wars in their attempt to enslave or destroy the fledgling humans.

For nearly a hundred years, the realm was constantly at war – at one time with only one of it’s many enemies, at others with all of them at once. Entire generations fought and died, knowing little else. Children, the elderly, farmers, women, craftsmen – all were ruthlessly conscripted to replace the losses incurred every year in wars. By the time the century was ending, the first of the Creator Gods came – Mal├íhnus – and gave unto the dwindling Men the power to manipulate magic and the three gifts that Men had long been searching for – the secret of Steel was given to the First Men who dwelled in the South, the secrets of Magical learning was given to the First Men who dwelled in Penrok, and the secret of Armour was given to the First Men who Dwelled in the North.

With the united power of steel weaponry and armour, and the powerful priest-mages of Penrok, the human armies managed to withstand all who attacked them and in the last year of the Dark Ages drove the attackers back until their realms splintered and shattered under the combined armies of the Realms of the First Men.

The first to fall were the giants – unintelligent beasts who simply were too unorganised to stand against the hordes of humans with long spears and long armour made of thick rings that caused great pain for the giants who tried to hit them.

In time, all the many races that stood against the First Men had been chased from the fertile lands to places uncharted. Few know what became of them, but some speak of cities in the lands that no map has been drawn for. Cities of one-eyed giants or men with no bodies, yet with a single head upon a single foot who jump and speak in the ancient tongue of Yiib."

The God War

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