The Golden Age, or The Age of Heroes

" The Golden Age, also known as The Age of Heroes, is the single century between the Old Times and the New Times.

With the coming of the Great Raven, many people who were destined to become great heroes were born at the same brief period when the Great Burning Raven appeared. In time, this became known as the true beginning of the Age of Heroes.

It was first marked by a strong rise in wealth and science in the Clan Lands, followed by an even greater agricultural revolution and adoption of the modern rotation system that ensures greater and better yields of food crops. Philosophy became increasingly common in the land and the combination of great mages, philosophers and bards ushered in a cultural upheaval that shed many of the old traditions in favour of newer ones.

Heraldry, in particular, was introduced as a concept. Though many had their own banners, it was made official that a banner and a shield should represent each seperate knight.

Another event of note is the rise of the Freeholds, led by the great warriors known as the Raven-Kin, who considered Clans to be too rigid and unfair to the people who life free of their influence. They formed alliances of neutral cities that fought against Clans that tried to conquer them – successfully, for the most part. They eventually fell during The War of Sons, an event that took place just before the start of The War of Oppression, when the newly created Clan Morris rose to prominence in the violent wars that took place between alliances of neutral freeholds.

The Glomril War was also an interesting event, when the Dwarves of the Southern Mountains rebelled against their masters – Clan Wochs – and attempted to escape humanity by sealing themselves in their mountains. Their rebellion was put down by the human hero Ser Belor Dwarfbane, who taught the Dwarves how to bend their knees to those who had helped them in the past.

The true defining war of the entire century, however, was known as The War of Oppression. Hundreds of heroes led armies of the Clans against one another in bloody conflicts for supremacy and dominance over the continents. In the end, the War was nearly futile, for it’s only lasting achievement was the consolidation of power in the North by Clan Morris and the total dismissal of the Elven race from human rule.

However, this age is not entirely about Wars, for more legends were written in this time than any other. At once, many hundreds of heroes were doing great deeds and accomplishing legendary feats throughout the lands and bards, skalds and storytellers were writing and spreading tales of the great events that transpired through the realms.

The culmination of heroism was The Battle of Dragonpeak, where many heroes battled against the last great Dragon – Xonos the Wicked – who had risen from a long slumber. They slew him and hurled his body off the mountain, shattering the valley floor below. In time, the skeleton of the great beast was put on display in Penrok, as a reminder of the great victory.

So many great Heroes had perished in that final fight, however, that the legends began to dry out and so few were left by the end of the century that the Realm returned to it’s previous state of difficult stability, thus beginning The Current Age."

The Golden Age, or The Age of Heroes

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