The Hunt of a Hundred Days

“The Hunt of Hundred Days was the most well-known expedition of heroes in the Dark Ages. Ten great Heroes – Ilya of Karav, Bugotur the Foesmiter, Lagan Cravenslayer, Maringot of Madran, Lord Alayn of Provost, Lord Bilos of Pakst, Knight-Errant Boros Dragonbane, Knight-Errant Vilelm the Bastard, Knight-Errant Tarkus the Wanderer and Aethol the Unready, a serf-turned-hero.

For a hundred days they traveled through the lands beyond the forest of Kraser past the lands of the Ashwoods, hunting the legendary Silver Stag of Ivlor, said to be under protection of the Gods of the Hunt themselves, who had said that only the greatest of hunters could ever catch the stag.

Only five came back from the journey – Ilya of Karav, Bugotur the Foesmiter, Lagan Cravenslayer, Aethol the Unready and Tarkus the Wanderer – one day appeared in the outskirts of the forest with no horses or armour, clad only in bloody rags that passed for healing cloth and scraps of their torn former clothes and carrying chests and bags full of gold, items enchanted with great magical power and potions no man could make.

When the people gathered around the heroes and asked of the hunt, they told that the Silver Stag, which they chased for fifty days without rest, food or drink, once stopped at the edge of the Far-Darklands and told them that they were great hunters for having followed him so far, but said that they were not destined to catch him and the Gods wished them not to throw away their lives. The Stag then offered them each a great prize to leave it be. They had accepted the prize, but the other five refused, too proud to bow to the will of the Gods and admit defeat, and chased the Stag into the Darklands until they died from wounds sustained by the creatures and beasts that dwell beyond or when they fell and broke their necks in the forests.

Thus ended the Hundred Day Hunt for the Silver Stag of Ivlor, which is still sought by heroes and hunters alike."

The Hunt of a Hundred Days

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