The Pantheon

“The Realms of Men have many, many deities. For nearly every event and every thing that exists on our World and in the Realms Beyond there is a God, and whether he is minor or major, he is worshipped by someone, somewhere.”

Gods have one or two domains each and you may worship up to two Gods, however, one of these must be a creator God. Gods who have only a single domain will typically be much stronger in aspects of that particular domain than those with more domains. Improper worship of Gods will often lead to punishments.

God domains often duplicate, but this does not mean that they are the same – many just have minor differences or different approaches to the same matter. They may also have great differences in their lore and legends associated with them.

Some Gods have renounced domains altogether, seeing them as either unnecessary limitations, or unwilling to take up the responsibilities of a God. Some are simply represented by their subordinates and, thus, simply have no need of a Domain.

The Human Pantheon
The Elven Pantheon
The Dwarven Pantheon
The Monstrous Deities
Other Deities

Norskan Pantheon

Old Faith
New Faith

The Pantheon

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